Breakfast Program Phillips and Lowell West

Breakfast Program Phillips and Lowell West
Posted on 08/28/2023
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Breakfast Program at PhillipPhillipsSchool

Parents who have a child attending school at the Phillips Building in grades K-2 are asked to sign up for free breakfast. During the period between September 5th and October 6th, we encourage parents to sign up for breakfast. Your student will arrive at school with breakfast waiting in their classroom. All you need to do is fill out the form below.


When we return to Lowell, students will be able to grab their breakfast from a cart each morning as they enter school on their way to class. Students love the choices available to them.

Lowll WestBreakfastProgramLowellWest

Students in grades 3-5 attending school at Lowell West do not need to sign up in advance for breakfast. Breakfast is available at 8:00 am upon arrival to school. Students will pick up breakfast in the cafeteria and eat their breakfast in their classroom. This procedure will be followed throughout the year, even after we return to Lowell.


The state law only applies to breakfast and lunch. We encourage parents to send a healthy snack to school daily.


We do have some students who will grab a breakfast and eat it during snack. We encourage families to take advantage of that option too.