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District Art Show 2023 K-12
Posted on 03/19/2023
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The annual K-12 District Art Show has been a tradition in Watertown Public Schools for many years. The show includes work from Watertown students K-12. This is the first year since the pandemic that elementary schools will have in-person representation, so it is very exciting. In addition, this is my (Ms. Chroneos') first art show in Watertown! I am thrilled for the chance to bring our community together in support of your young artists.

Where and When?


Watertown Mall



The show is up Wednesday, April 5th - Tuesday May 2nd

Because the Watertown Mall is a public place, you are welcome to see the artwork at any time during mall open hours while the show is up.


Opening Reception:

Tuesday, April 11th from 6pm-8pm at the Watertown Mall

Opening Reception

The Opening Reception is Tuesday, April 11th from 6pm-8pm at The Watertown Mall. There will be live music, and it's a chance for the community to gather and celebrate our students. Everyone, regardless of if your student's work is representing Lowell in the art show, is invited to the reception.

How? (Selection Process and How to Know if Your Student is Included)

Out of the 350+ wonderful students at Lowell, there is only enough physical space for up to 12 works of art per grade level in the art show, depending on the size of the artwork. I have been gathering student works all year in preparation. Ultimately, the decisions made regarding what to include will come down to physical space and my aim to show a variety of responses to any given prompt. I am currently narrowing down my final list of student work to be included. Because art show space is so limited, this is why it is extra important to me that I showcase your children's artwork throughout the school year through the art studio Instagram and on the physical walls of our school buildings. In addition, I am dedicated to keeping track of who is selected this year so that I can choose different students for next year, and throughout your child's time at Lowell.


If your child's work is chosen to represent Lowell this year - congratulations! If not, I hope to include your child's work in another year.


If your child's work is selected to represent Lowell in the art show, you will receive both a physical letter and an email from me between now and the art show opening reception, letting you know any relevant details.


Please do not hesitate to be in touch!


Contact Information:

Sofija Chroneos

Art Teacher

J.R Lowell Elementary School

[email protected]